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Chart title figure not matching chart value


I'm a complete newbie to Qlikview, even though I have used some other BI tools in the past such as Microstrategy and Power BI. However my company decided to move to this tool so I am trying to get up to speed with it. 

I have created a very small test document in Qlikview, with just one bar chart which has one dimension and one expression. However I cannot seem to figure out why the value shown in the bar chart (7324, which is correct) does not match the one in the title (11470, which is not correct).

My understanding is that the two figures should be the same, since I have left the title empty, which means it should pick up the first expression label available. I do not understand where or how it is calculating the number 11470.

I have attached the file for your reference, could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you for your help.

I am using version 12.0.20300.0 x64. 

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Re: Chart title figure not matching chart value

I believe , its is showing overall sum in the Title

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Re: Chart title figure not matching chart value

Hi Anushree,

I don't think it is, I have already checked against the database, the overall sum is 1768113685. 

I'm no expert but it seems like it could be either a bug in this version or some sort of sum with only a part of the filter applied, though I have tried all possible combinations and they do not seem to match. 

Thank you,