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Charts are not appearing


I've got a problem regarding a mashup in Qlik Sense.

We've created a mashup, let's say with 5 different pages. When I open up the mashup, the object are getting pulled through correctly on the landing page, however on one page, the objects and charts are not displayed. When I navigate to that page where the charts are hidden (not shown) and refresh the mashup, the visualizations will appear. It's a really annoying problem and sometimes it's working fine, but there's scenarios when the data is not appearing. It's really unpredictable when this problem appears. Any idea what could be the problem or how can we investigate?



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Re: Charts are not appearing

this might happen  sometimes [some ticket is coming from qlik QMc is that failing? ] because of session timeout.

first you login to the session then login the main portal

try to remove the cache whenever you want to login,

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Re: Charts are not appearing

Hi there, 

I am wondering if you were ever able to resolve this issue? I am currently battling with it now.