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Check whether user can access QlikView app when embedded in an iframe

Request in brief:

I'm trying to figure out how a non-qlikview web app (dashboard) can check whether a qlikview app will be accessible for a given windows user before attempting to iframe the qlikview app into the dashboard.

More info:

I'm new to Qlik. We have a corporate web app ("dashboard") which houses a few qlikview web-apps as well as a number of non-qlikview web-apps. It's an ASP.NET Core app running under IIS with windows authentication. We also have a QlikView webserver which houses 30 odd apps - which our users currently access directly from the qlikview frontend ("access point"?). The QlikView server appears to use windows active directory to manage access permissions to the qlik apps, and it's the same active directory which is in use on the dashboard - i.e. they both use the same windows user accounts.

I have successfully included each Qlik app in a separate page on the dashboard using an iframe. However I can't determine whether the current windows user is permissioned to access the qlik app using the iframe alone. If they are then the app loads fine within the iframe, if not it shows a popup ("Failed to open document, file not found") and a blank screen but there doesn't seem to be a way to figure this out from the dashboard.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I was hoping for something like an ajax function which I can call to check whether the active user has permission e.g. IsAccessible(string appName, string windowsUsername)

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