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Chronological Order

I have two fields, one is called Departure Month and the other is Departure Year

Departure Month is listed as a number so January = 1

Departure year is also number so 2017-2017

I want to combine the two into a single dimension so that my dimension is in chronological order.

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Re: Chronological Order

Maybe use something in script or chart dimension like

Monthname(Makedate([Departure Year],[Departure Month]))


Re: Chronological Order

In the data load editor you can say


      Departure Year & '-' & Departure Month as Fieldname

the result should be Month-Year

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Re: Chronological Order


I prefer a different approach, I usually create a date field, makedate(departure year, departure month, 1),and then play with formatting.

But it really depends on the use case, once you got a date, it's easier to calculate gaps between two periods, use set analysis, etc.

On the other hand, sometimes you need / want to keep it simple.

Hope it helps,