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Circular references...

Hello everyone! I'm new not only to Qlik but to the world of databases or even data... and I'm going to show you right now :-)

So that's my model. To simplify, let's say every row in "DATA" has:

- one responsible (Username)

- one list of delegated people (many TO_USER_NAME).

I want to play with that info in my sheets. And I basically need the "FULL_USER_NAME" for everyone. My solution? Linking what I highlight in yellow. My problem? It creates a circular reference.

I can't change the database, that's out of question. What would be a way to show this?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Circular references...


Rename the column name as profileusername or [profile user name]

Hope it helps!!

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Re: Circular references...

I was not sure what you meant... I renamed it and did it for the delegations, too. And I got this by QLik......

It doesn't complain about circular references in the diagram (no red lines), but... is it correct? will it work? I'll let you know :-)

Many thanks!!!

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Re: Circular references...

Hi,Can you attach some sample data?


Re: Circular references...

Hi Alberto, - welcome to Qlik.

One other point worth mentioning - take a look at the Smart Data Load feature and see if that capability helps you define your data to avoid the synthetic keys and possible circular references:

Qlik Sense - Using Smart Data Load (video)

More videos like these videos are available here: New to Qlik Sense Videos

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Mike Tarallo


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Re: Circular references...

Thank you Mike, thank you wizard...

I just re-watched the Smart Data Load video... Sadly it doesn't help since I keep getting "Data profiling could not be completed" when trying any data load with my DB...

Simple update, with this I show clearly what I want (sorry I am not allowed to send sample data):

- I will see the full_user_name of all delegated

- I can see the responsible ID ("ORIGINATOR")

It works, yes, but I can't get the full_user_name of the originator..........

I can get something like:

But of course I need:

Thankssssss!!!!! :-)


Re: Circular references...

Thanks Alberto - let me do some digging over here - I am curious why you would get the "Data Profiling could not be completed" message.

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Re: Circular references...

Hi Mike! Well, it happens every time with our database. And I can't get a hint of what's going on because I just get this after the "Profiling data..." message:

Kind regards,