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Circular references

Hello, qlik community!

Help my to solve my problem with the keys.

I've got a model (just a sample)

[Item.ledger]: loc.key, sales, costs, cal.key, ....

[location]: loc.key, loc.city, loc.name, ...

[Calendar]: cal.key, date, year, month, year&month...

[Budget]: budget_amount, loc.city, year&month.

I need a bar chart with the dimension of months and measures costs, sales, budget amount. And the 2nd chart with the dimension city and the same measures. I have got a circular refences with location city and year&month.

If I try to concatenate function (concatenate (item.ledger) load * from budget, I have 4 syntetics keys and it no working nothing. My sales, costs and budget amount are zero. If I connect budget to the city, diagram with the dimension of month is not working.

How to solve my problem? Any idieas?

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Re: Circular references

Could you add your real(excel,csv,text) data and/or screenshot from table viewer?

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Re: Circular references

‌my thought is budget sales and costs should be in a single fact table something like


%itemkey, type, %lockey, %calkey, sales, costs,budget

TYpe identifying the ledger item as either a sale, cost orbudget value.

LInk to your calendar and location dimensions using the same key and Your model should work better.

HOpe this helps



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Re: Circular references

Try like this


load * inline

[loc.key, sales, costs, cal.key


[location]: load loc.key, loc.city as LocationCity, loc.name inline

[loc.key, loc.city, loc.name


[Calendar]:load * inline

[ cal.key, date, year, month, yearandmonth];



budget_amount, loc.city, yearandmonth, loc.city as budgetCity inline


budget_amount, loc.city, yearandmonth


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Re: Circular references

Hi Laura,

Please attach the sample application. Thanks.

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