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Clear a Variable Input Selection


I have a variable input buttons (5 in total - linked from 'Status' variable) which dictates what data I see in the table. i.e if  I select 'NEW' button, all the other 4 Status, show as BLANK. Which is great! 

However, I need to revert back to it's default position and see all data for each of the 5 status.  Any idea how I do that please? I have tired using the 'Button' to 'clear all selections', but this doesn't work.

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Creator II
Creator II

Search for Dynamic Values in Variable Input in the community.  Especially Mfarsln's response.

From the help file:

If you use dynamic values, you define the items with a string in Dynamic values. Use | to separate items, and ~ to separate value from the label. For example, 'Germany~GER|France~FRA' will create two items labeled GER and FRA. The first will change the variable value to Germany, and the second changes the value to France. You do not need to specify labels if you want to use values as labels. 

Hope this helps.