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Contributor III
Contributor III

Clear selections- Button


  1. This is the expression I used on one of my KPI measures-

=if(Vchannel='Domestic',sum({<Date={'$(=date(WeekStart(Today()-7)))'},[Product Category]-={'B Box','C Box','D Box'}>}[DOM.MTD Sales Units]))

2. Below are the expressions I used on my filter pane for Product category and Product Category Total Dimensions

=If(not Match([Product Category], '', 'B Box','C Box','D Box'),[Product Category])

=If(not Match([Product Category Total], 'Box Total'),[Product Category Total])

So when I apply a button to clear selections from the Product category and Product Category Total filter panes, it seems like the clear option is not working. I have added to two actions to the Button- one to clear selections from Product category field and another action to clear selections from Product Category Total field.

Could someone please help why the Button action is not working in this case?

P.S. KPI measure, Filter Pane, Chart and the Button are in the same alternate state.

Thank you

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