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Clearing alternate state field

Hi all,

I have a button with a clear field action. Lets say I want to clear field 'ID', that is state of 'State1', how do I do it? I tried having it as {State1}(ID) but it didnt work. 

Much help is appreciated. Thank you so much.

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I guess you are using the navigation button with an action applied to the button. That action would be clear selections in a field.

From what I've experienced, you can't apply a state to the button. Well, you can, but it won't have any effect. So as far as I know, you can't clear the selection in a field's state using the button.


Perhaps Mike Tarallo could help you further, but I don't know how to link people with the new community, sorry..

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

One solution is to use clear selections of a field ;

If you have 5 filters with your alternate state, then add 5 "clear selections of a field" actions, each one of them cleaning one filter.