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Clik doesnt recognize polygons for map graphics



I have an issue on map, i don't understund how qlikSense works on this.

I have seen several tutorials telling me to import simply a kml file with the polygons attached with the name of the areas.

But QlikSense seems to ignore the polygons.

I have tried to import the data with all the type of files possible (csv, json,geojson, RESTconnect, XML, KML) and qlik doesnt integrate the polygons.

The best thing i can do at the moment is showing the departments of france with their names but of course for the department of 'Vienne' Qlik show me 'Vienna' ('Vienne' in french) and that's exactly why i want Qlik to integrates my polygons.


If someone has a solution to integrate polygons rightly please. 

Thank you.


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Re: Clik doesnt recognize polygons for map graphics


your kml file is Ok 

you just need to define in the location of the layer the right filed 

for some reason i can't uplaod a demo file so here is an image of the areas 



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Re: Clik doesnt recognize polygons for map graphics

Thanks a lot,


It works perfectly