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Creator II
Creator II

Climber selection DateRangePicker not selecting dates in Qliksense April 2018


I just now added extension of Climber selection to qlik server and choose Date Range picker. And added Field as =date(floor(canonicalDateTime),'MM-DD-YYYY') .  But its not selecting Dates given. and not even applying to sheet or app. Am i missing anything here. Please help me.

I have attached a qvf file.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hello berryandcherry64

I had the same problem today. The solution for me was having the same dateformat in the Main variables. In your app the standard dateformat = SET DateFormat='M/D/YYYY';

Try to change that to 'MM-DD-YYYY' like you have in the rest of your app.

Maybe you should change everything to 'DD-MM-YYYY'. That is the format that worked for me.

Good luck!

Creator II
Creator II

Hi lauranvh,

Thanks, I am stuck in some other work priorities. Will look into it once done.