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Color by expression in Treemaps Qlik Sense

Hi ,

I had an app with a treemap chart, colored by measure. The app was created with  Qlik Sense Desktop 1.0

Now I m working with the 3.0 SR1 and when I tried to redo the same treemap, (in same sheet),  it came up with a different scale of colors.

I was surprised, so I opened an app "Sales Analysis"  downloaded from the community (from M.Tarallo - Re: Treemaps In Qlik Sense), and I copied and paste a treemap that was there, in the same sheet , and it changed!


It seems to be taking a different top limit for the scale.  The one on the left $2.85M is me maximun value for a Category within a Year.

The one on the right, $11,65M is the maximun value of a complete Year (2014 in this case).

Can anyone help me?