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Coloring Text

Please how do I color my text like the code below.

if(Sum(Actual) >= Sum(Target) ,


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Re: Coloring Text


if(Sum(Actual) >= Sum(Target) ,Red(),Green())

Re: Coloring Text

Changing font colours with an expression is not currently possible in Sense (v2.2.4)

You can change the background image to set a background colour of a text object but the image cannot be changed using an expression.

Re: How to use custom colours?

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Re: Coloring Text


I have changed the colour of my measure variance with the below expression:

if((Sum({<Version = {"Actual 2015"}>}SumOfBudget_Amount) -

Sum({<Version = {"Actual 2016"}>}SumOfBudget_Amount))/1000000 < 0,RGB(255,0,0))

Screen shot attached .. Please let me know if this what you are looking for :


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Re: Coloring Text

No this is what I have already. Its the text am trying to color

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Re: Coloring Text

Here you are applying color to number not text. It doesn't work for text

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Re: Coloring Text

No, This doesn't answer my question

Re: Coloring Text

This is from the Sense Help


Visualizations that support color by expression

The following visualizations support color by expression:

  • Bar chart
  • Combo chart
  • Line chart
  • Map
  • Pie chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Table
  • Treemap
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Re: Coloring Text

Its Text in KPI control am working on

Re: Coloring Text

You can use Conditional Colours with a KPI object


Here is the help on KPI objects


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