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Colour Expression in Sense


I have a text box with a measure Sum(TargetSales) I need it to change colour to Red and Green Depending on Condition.

So I am doing: If(Sum(TargetSales)<=sum(Sales), LightRed(Sum(Sales)),LightGreen(Sum(Sales)))

and it is not working.

Can someone help on this in Qlik Sense?


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Re: Colour Expression in Sense

Have you tried putting the measure in the KPI chart object? Once you do that then you have the option of conditional coloring:

Conditional Color.PNG

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Re: Colour Expression in Sense

Yeah it works in the KPI in the way you suggesting but i want to add this on a guage's footnote.

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Re: Colour Expression in Sense

Hi Sarb,

If you remove the Title of the KPI-Object and decrease the size of it you could put it below the Gauge, so it would fit below the Gauge-Object.

As far as i know there is no way to color expressions at the moment (only Dimensions), but please correct me if i'm wrong.