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Column values%

Someone knows how to display the values as% of the column?


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Master III
Master III

Change the expression to:

sum(theMeasure) / sum(TOTAL theMeasure)

... and change the display to percentage

May you live in interesting times!
Master II
Master II

Hi Robert,

I am assuming that you already have the values of the measure ranging from 0 and 1.(Ex: 0.46 = 46%)

In this case, in the properties panel->under the measure properties->you will find formation option turn that off and under that select Number-> in the drop down select the % format which you wanted to apply. You can do most of the number formatting using these settings.



Master II
Master II

Check this Image:

2016-01-25 01_05_51-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

Master II
Master II

ONnos solution will work and sangrams formatting will make it look good.  I've always found a nice pie chart ideal for that kind of requirement.

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Very usefull, thanks!!!