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Combine dates as dimension

Hello community,

I'm currently struggeling with a visualization and need some help.


As a basis I have three columns from a data table:

-ProductionDate (DD.MM.YYYY DateFormat)

-SalesDate (DD.MM.YYYY DateFormat)

-ProductName (String)


Now I'd like to show a line diagramm with the date in MM.YYYY format on the y-axis and two line graphs, one for the count of products per production month (ProductionDate) and one for the count of products per sales month (SalesDate).

I found the following formula for getting the desired date format:


=(Date(monthstart([SalesDate]), 'MMM-YY'))



But I dont know how I can combine both dates from "ProductionDate" and "SalesDate" as a dimension for the diagram.


Can anyone help me out?

Best regards 





1 Reply

You can simply concatenate the two values with the & operator. In this example I concatenate the two fields and have a hyphen in between the resulting value

ProductionDate & '-' & SalesDate as CombinedDate;

If you need to do any manipulation of the fields in your load script you can either repeat those expressions like you did above for each field or do a Preceding Load to avoid having to redo expressions. Which is a little advanced but well documented here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/April2020/Subsystems/Client/Content/QV_QlikView/Scripting/prece....