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Specialist II
Specialist II

Combo Chart in qliksense


I am trying to create a Combo Chart, but seem to have below issues, request help on the same:

1. Is it not possible to create a combo chart that has both line and markers using the same measure as i see the option as Bar, Line , Markers and do not have an option to choose two variants(markers and line )on the same measure.

2. When I create a master item and embed it to the combo chart , I see that there is no option to choose the Axis (viz., Primary/Secondary)

3. Also while creating the Master Measure , I see that it has a "-" below, as per the attached.What does that mean?


3 Replies

1. To make a measure have both line and marker they have to exist more than once in the chart.

2. Bars are always on the Primary axis and line or marker you can select primary or secondary.

3. Your Master item should have Total Sales as Name and sum(Sales) as expression, no label expression is required, this is what is causing the - 


Specialist II
Specialist II

Thanks Lisa.

But in case I create the Measure twice on the chart for the same expression to show it as Line and Marker.

I would be seeing the same measure appearing twice on the Legend, so is there any way to edit the Legend to show a single instance of it , hope my question is clear


Hi Anushree,

This is not possible, because you are making two different measures. Qlik doens't know that you made two of the same. You can also choose to remove the labels.



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