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Compare 2 fields from 2 tables

I want to compare 2 fields from 2 different tables in order to perform a calculation.

Please let me know how can that be done.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Compare 2 fields from 2 tables

Are the tables joined together ?

If then, yup - but it all depends on exactly what you need to do and what your data model looks like.

Maybe post some more info to get a more definitive response.

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Re: Compare 2 fields from 2 tables


Yes the two tables are joined Via Qliksense automatic join.

I want to check if date field from one table is less than or equal to the date field of another table then do count of a field on which both tables are joined.

Hope this makes sense.

Re: Compare 2 fields from 2 tables

It depends on what your data looks like, could you post some sample data ?

Notwithstanding that I have guessed - see attached qvf using a pivot table so you expand / collapse to show or not show the base data.

I am not at all convinced I have guessed right though.