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Compare sales amount from different csv files

Hi All,

I am loading multiple csv files from my system folder to Qlik.

So what I get is list of all the files in the folder on the dashboard. what I want to do is if a user selects any two files from the drop down of Qlik he should be able to see the sales amount of both the files and compare those sales amount. I am not able to understand how to compare the sales amount any two files.

Can anyone please help me with this.


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I think you can do it in many ways, depending on your data model. Are the files have the same structure?

If yes, then you can load them into single table adding field to distinct between them like

'file1', amount1

'file2',amoun2 etc

and then build the application.




Yes the files have same structure. I have loaded the files in single table but how do I add field to distinct between them. Usng the below script I have loaded the files  and I can see the files on the dashboard. But upon selecting the any 2 file I should be able to compare the sales amount. As you said that I can add field in the file but there my be multiple files I cant manually add field to every file. Can you please explain me in more detail.

Let vFileLocation = 'lib://salescsv/';

For Each vExcelFile in FileList('$(vFileLocation)\*.csv')


Load '$(vExcelFile)' as File_Path_Name
AutoGenerate 1;

Next vExcelFile