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Comparing two column


I am new to Qlik sense and some help on comparing two column for match.

I have created one data module after joining two tables, and now, I want to compare two column of newly created data model and create new column under same data module with Flag, Yes/No based on match/unmatch condition.

For example- I have Table A and B which has two similar column A1 and B1 respectively,  I have created one Data module after Left join on these two tables containing both column A1 & B1.

Now, I want to compare these two column for each records and write a new column to Data model say C with Yes/No based on match/unmatch condition.

Thanks in Advance for help!

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Re: Comparing two column

A simple If statement should suffice.


If( A1 = B1, 'Yes', 'No') AS 'IsMatch'


LOAD * Inline



1 , 3

1 , 1

2 , 4

5 , 5