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Comparing variable to Month in expression

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to use set analysis to calculate M2D & Y2D values for some measure which should remain constant irrespective of other selections.

I'm storing the current Month, Year in separate variables defined as vYear = Year(Today()).

I have a separate field from my database which is called 'Year'.

Now, my set analysis expression looks like :


However, this returns no results whereas if I output the values through KPI indicators, they both say '2018'.

If I change my variable from the function to just '2018', this works fine.

My first thought is that there is a datatype mismatch - which I have no idea how to handle in QS.

Would you be able to point what the issue is?

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Re: Comparing variable to Month in expression


is your vYear variable defined with leading equal sign?


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Re: Comparing variable to Month in expression

let's try as below:

Sum( {1< Year = {"$(=(vYear))"} >} OOS )

hope it helps.

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