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Comparison period

Hi All,

i'm new and i have a question, please you can help me.

Imagine that you have a file of sales, with a data field which coincide with the date of sale and another that coincide with amount

I would set the two filters display: the first is the selection period , while the second is the comparison filter, both chosen by the user.

The result is to obtain the data of sales in the first period compared to the second. What is the best approach in your opinion ?


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Re: Comparison period


Maybe you ought use set analysis. In my case for example, I compare sales of two years: so I do

sum({$<year={"x"}>}value) VS sum({$<year={"y"}>}value) in two different KPI.

Clearly the set analysis in this case fix the period.

You can also add filters to choose for example one month: you'll have the comparison between month z in year x VS month z in year y.

Here a bit of documentation

A Primer on Set Analysis

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Re: Comparison period

You can think of using alternate states as well if you don't want to write set expressions

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