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Contributor III
Contributor III

Completed Quarter values


In my Qlik Sense Report i am writing some expression as below.

i have categorized all percentage metrics into one flag and all numerical volumes into another flag as per below

the 2 variables i wrote for rolling Quarters




My Quarter values is always sum of 3 months

now what happening is when it comes to quarter ending last month


out of 10 Metrics  8 metrics data will come in time and under Q220  ----- so no problem it will give sum of 3 months Number.

but remaining 2 metrics data for last month of Quarter will be delayed .

So , it creates confusion to user's as they are thinking its complete Quarter number and using the QTD Number.

So now what i need is unless it has Sum of 3 months data i should not see the value for that metric under Q220  as per below snapshot


 how can i write ?





If ( MAX ( {<ScenarioLabel={'Actuals'},Scope={'APS'},Month={">=$(vMinMonth) <=$(vGetMaxQuarterMonthFinal)"}>} APSMetric_Flag ) = 1,

num ( SUM ({<ScenarioLabel={'Actuals'},Month={">=$(vMinMonth) <=$(vGetMaxQuarterMonthFinal)"},Scope={'APS'}>} NumValue) /
SUM ({<ScenarioLabel={'Actuals'},Month={">=$(vMinMonth) <=$(vGetMaxQuarterMonthFinal)"},Scope={'APS'}>} DenValue), '0.#%')



If ( MAX ( {<ScenarioLabel={'Actuals'},Scope={'APS'},Month={">=$(vMinMonth) <=$(vGetMaxQuarterMonthFinal)"}>} APSMetric_Flag ) = 2,


num ( SUM ({<ScenarioLabel={'Actuals'},Month={">=$(vMinMonth) <=$(vGetMaxQuarterMonthFinal)"},Scope={'APS'}>} NumValue),'##,###.0')



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