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Concatenate Text and Field

Hi all,

Right now I'm using the Vizlib filter extension to make dropdown filters. The problem is that while the filters have a header in listbox display type, theres no header option for dropdown display type.

In the expression box for Dropdown Label, is it possible to concatenate text onto the label?

E.g. if the selections are 'Green', 'Blue' and 'Yellow', could I write an expression such that the dropdown box displays instead: 'Colour: Green', 'Colour: Blue', 'Colour: Yellow'?

I think a nested if statement would also work but its a lot of effort and I'd prefer to make it less manual.

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Re: Concatenate Text and Field

I don't understand what are you trying to achieve.

Please could you explain better ?


Re: Concatenate Text and Field

This should be possible in the Dropdown settings by specifying the Header title via an expression