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Concatenate dimension value in Pivot Table measure label


I am pretty new to Qlik Sense, and I am losing my mind to achieve something.

I want to concatenate a dimension value in a measure label when using a Pivot table. The reason for this is that when users export the data table, the format in Excel is not very user friendly (The date dimension label is shown as a Merged cell for all measures, so sometimes it is kind of difficult to find a single measure for a single date in the excel).

Look at this screenshot as an example, I have marked in red the desired result:


Is this something that can be achieved in the pivot table with the out of the box pivot table component?



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Re: Concatenate dimension value in Pivot Table measure label

Looks like not possible, expression is allowed in measure label but it has to use Aggregation functions like Max/MaxString to fetch single value from dimensions else it will show nulls.