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Condition Chart


I am using Qlik Sense and trying to come up with a solution for the following:

Create a graph or table (to me this does not matter) based on repeat items in the last 7 days.

What I have is a file that is generated with machines ("Press") "Prob code text, Cause code text, and dates through excel and is uploaded using the Data Load Editor.

What I would like is if the date is = today thru 7days ago and the Press, Prob code text and Cause code text are the same then this is shown.

Is there anyway to code these types of conditions into the graph or table.

Here is some examples:

Example 1 would be shown.

Example 2 the Cause code is not the same - no show

Example 3 the date is more than 7 days apart - no show

Example 4 the Prob code text is not the same - no show

Example 5 the Press is not the same - no show


ExampleMalfunct startPressProb code textCause code text
18/1/2018 CP088LoaderFitting
8/5/2018 CP088LoaderFitting
28/1/2018CP122Leak - AirValve - Solenoid
8/5/2018CP122Leak - AirAir Leak
37/30/2018 CP089Leak - AirValve - Solenoid
8/7/2018 CP089Leak - AirValve - Solenoid
48/1/2018 CP088Center MechFitting
8/5/2018 CP088LoaderFitting
58/1/2018 CP069Center MechFitting
8/5/2018 CP072Center MechFitting
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Re: Condition Chart

The answer can be found in your other identical question found here: Setting Conditions in Qlik Sense

Please try to follow the community guidelines to not do cross-posting - posting the same question on multiple threads  - as this is confusing and might lead to several people answering redunantly and wasting their time on exactly the same question without knowing of each other...

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