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Conditional Arrows in a table in QlikSense

Hi All,

I have a requirement of a table which will have conditional arrows in each row.


Let us consider a table with four columns:

Country, Previous Year Sale, Current Year Sale, Profit/Loss



In place of 'XXX' there should be a green up arrow and in place of 'YYY' there should be a red down arrow.

The shades of the color will differ based on condition - from dark red for down arrow to dark green for up arrow.

I searched many forums but couldn't find any solution .

Any help on this is appreciated.

1 Reply

Hi! Use this expression for your Profit/Loss column: If([Current Year Sale]>[Previous Year Sale], '▲', '▼')

Then set color as expression as follows: If([Current Year Sale]>[Previous Year Sale], Green(), Red())

You can adapt the color condition based on your requirements.