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Conditional Colors to two different measures in a Bar chart


I have a bar chart with two measures.

Now, I want to color one measure(bar) with one color(Ex.. Blue) and want to color another measure(bar) based on condition. I tried all the coloring options available but none worked.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-29 at 3.00.37 PM.jpeg


As per the above image, I want to color the second bar based on the condition ( when the first bar < second bar, the color of the second bar should be orange). and the first bar color should not be changed.

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Creator III
Creator III

Color by Expression:


if([Dimension1]='Threshold', blue(), 
    if( AGGR(Count( {< [Dimension1]= {'Overdue'} >} OverdueMeasure), Dimension2) > .2,
    rgb(255, 153, 51), green()