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Conditional Count

I am trying to create a KPI. The data is an excel spreadsheet with a list of companies and their corresponding employee count. There are roughly 250 companies in my list of various sizes relevant to employees. How do I display the number of companies that have employee counts over 3,000. Columns are Company and Employees. Any ideas how to do this?

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Re: Conditional Count

May be something like this:

Count(DISTINCT {<Company = {"=Count(DISTINCT Employee) > 3000"}>} Company)

You may not be doing a count, but the idea is to add the set analysis to your current expression

{<Company = {"=Count(DISTINCT Employee) > 3000"}>}

Another option could be to use a calculated dimension

Aggr(If(Count(DISTINCT Employee) > 3000, Company), Company)

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Re: Conditional Count


Thank you for the response


Re: Conditional Count

Is it working? If not, please let us know or else please close this thread down

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