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Contributor III
Contributor III

Conditional Custom Coloring multiple measures in Stacked Bar Chart

I would like to create a stacked bar chart showing the following

The lesser of actual or budget - in a fixed color

The variance between actual and budget - green if the variance is favorable (actual is greater than budget) or red (actual is less than budget).

I have created the stacked bar - and accomplished setting a fixed color for the lesser of budget or actual.

I have calculated a variable to reflect the variance (absolute amount) - and can set a fixed color using master items.

What I can't figure out - is how to make that color vary is the variance is favorable or not.

I've tried to understand if I could use the Pick or Match functions - and been unsuccessful in creating anything that works.

1 dimension (region), two measures - lower of actual or budget; variance


I've also created several other visualization for my team;  a table (they aren't 'numbers' people) - a regular bar chart with budget, actual and the variance (fixed colors here too as I'm still stuck on the green/red for the variance).

Any suggestions/guidance appreciated.

(I believe this can be done in View - but that won't help me)

June 2018 Qlik Sense currently.

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