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Conditional Display and "Other" aggregate issue

Hi all,

Iv'e got some peculiar issue with the Conditional Display that I would be very grateful if someone could help me with.

I've got DB of 1 table with 3 Fields (Attached): Cust (String), A (Numeric), B (Numeric). and the following Inline table:


In the app I created a variable (vAmountType) in order to make the Conditional Display:


In the app there is a Donut chart with Dimension = Cust and the following conditional Measure (Amount):


Now, for the problem:


As you probably notice, when i choose to limit the Dimension to TOP 10 with "Show others" and choose the Conditional Display Field as AmountType=1, the top 9 field values are display the correct data - sum(A),

but the Others Value, that is calculated on measure: Amount automatically, Display the incorrect aggregated data - sum(B).

What I did wrong, and why the condition in the variable/calculation is not persistent and change by himself in Others view?

Thanks in advance,