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Contributor III

Conditional Font Color Concatenated Expression


I have three concatenated metrics into one measure.

I want to color each expression within the concatenated measure.

field 1 = 1

field 2 = 0

field 3 = 3

field 4 = 1/0/3

i want to color field 4  = if first field is greater than zero (green) / if second field is greater than zero (yellow) / if third field is greater than zero (red) and all if not black.

so in example (1) would be green / 0 would be black / 3 would be red.


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Hi CB308,


Could you, please, better describe the question?

1. Which field(s) do you need to color exactly? From the description it seems field4, but looking at example I understand field 1,2,3.

2. what do you mean with coloring a field? Do you want to color the fields values in a table?

3. What does this formula and the other similar mean: field 1 = 1?

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Contributor III
Contributor III