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Conditional Show/Hide in Qlik Sense

Hi all,

Happy Monday Blue.

Please find attached my qvf and excel file for your references.

I would like to hide the null values as shown below but without affect the shown dates.

image.pngNull value with Full Datesimage.pngIf I unchecked 'Include Null Value' the full date is gone.

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Re: Conditional Show/Hide in Qlik Sense

I am not sure what you mean by "hiding the null values". Do you want to replace the '-' in the cell? Do you want to suppress the entire line? You apparently do not want to suppress the columns.

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Re: Conditional Show/Hide in Qlik Sense

Hi @jontydkpi ,

Thanks for helping out.

I just wanna show full dates  (from 1st to 31st of every month) without the '-' in Technician column. 

It is like the above 2nd screenshot.

The month of January only show 1st -10th. I would like to make it to become 1st -31st for every month.

I don't mind if you have any ways to remove or replace the '-'.

Hope i did explained well enough here.