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Conditional calculation

Hi all,

I'm working with QlikSense and I'd like to know if it's possible create a chart that shows expressions only if I have selected few values in a filter pane, for example I want to see a bar chart if I select a number of customers less than 10.

Is it possible to do this thing, showing on chart an error message if I don't make the selection?


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Re: Conditional calculation

Afaik this can't be done with the standard charts in Qlik Sense. I think you would need an extension that implements such features. I haven't seen one yet that implements this.

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Re: Conditional calculation

Hi Cristina,

You can try to use the GetSelectedCount() function :

e.g. :

  • In a bar chart :

if(GetSelectedCount(Customer)>0 and GetSelectedCount(Customer)<10,Sum(Sales))

  • In a "A" chart (above or below the bar chart):

if(getselectedcount(Customer)>0 and getselectedcount(Customer)<10, getselectedcount(Customer) & ' customer(s) selected', 'Please select less than 10 customers')

Please see attached file.

Best regards,



Re: Conditional calculation

This is not possible in Qlik Sens 1.x releases. I am not able to tell if this will be part of Qlik Sense 2.0, which is planned for release in June.

There will be several enhancements in coming Qlik Sense 2.0, my suggestion is to keep an eye on the release details in Technical Bulletin.

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