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Conditional color format in table - How to easy refer to a column

Hi all,

I want to create a conditional color format in a table, with many measures as columns.

Measure formulas are complex, so i would like to color format cells using a easy way to refer to it.

I know that I could use:

If(Column(x) > 1, Green(), Red())

But if I change de measure order the color format is going to be wrong.

Besides Column(x), is there another way to referente it in a way that I can change order or change formula and the color formating still ok?


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Specialist III
Specialist III

dont worry about complex if you want to jumble columns 

just use same expression dont use Column(x)


Thanks Channa, but I'm looking for if there is another way to do it, so I can change expressions without worring about changing color format rules.

This is for minimize chances of making mistakes.

If there is no other way I know I can put expressions in variables and use it for color format, but I'm trying to avoid it at this moment.

Any other ideas?