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Conditionally hide/show objects in Qlik Sense?

In Qlik Sense, I'd like to have an object or sheet hide or show based on a condition I specify. Is it possible to do this in Sense? For example I want to have one sheet on the app display an employee's picture and stats, only if one employee is selected at time.

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Re: Conditionally hide/show objects in Qlik Sense?

It's not yet possible to conditionally show and hide objects in Qlik Sense.

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Re: Conditionally hide/show objects in Qlik Sense?

Although you can't have the whole object hidden you can add a conditional calculation to a chart that will put crosshatches on the object and display a message.  this is available in Addons > Data handling where you can specify the expression and the message so for you it would be something like EmployeeCount = 1 and Please select and employee to see information.

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Re: Conditionally hide/show objects in Qlik Sense?

Thanks Bella, good to know for future! In this case, I'm using an add-on from the Qlik Branch site called "Simple Table with Image/Link Detection" to leverage its wonderful ability to render images as another clickable data field in Sense. Using this table, I wanted to be able to have an Employee picture show when a user selects one employee at a time only. Unfortunately it does not have the data handling Add-On.

I hope the "Info Load" and "Bundle Info Load" statements are included in the next release for Qlik Sense.