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Connect Qlik Sense cloud to MongoDB Atlas BI connector

Hi everyone.

Is it possible to connect Qlik Sense Cloud to MongoDB hosted at Atlas with the BI Connector, running version 4.2?

When I add the hostname, port and user/password to Qlik Sense Cloud I always get this error:

"ERROR [HY000] [unixODBC][Qlik][MongoDBODBC] (110) Error from MongoDB Client: No suitable servers found (`serverSelectionTryOnce` set): [Invalid reply from server. calling ismaster on ''] (Error Code: 13053)"


I tried adding different databases, none, admin etc - but no matter what I get the above error.

I'm currently trying to make this work with a trial of Qlik Sense Cloud business.

Would be awesome to solve this issue,  because we are in need of some good BI 😅

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Former Employee
Former Employee

@alexbjorlig it looks like the issue might be the DB version, as you mentioned 4.2, but the Help says 4.0 is the top supported version at the moment, so my hunch would be that might be the underlying issue on this one:

Look through the Help though, there might be some info that you might be able to try to see if you can get things working.


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Yeah, you are correct about 4.2. It's a shame since MongoDB 4.2 was released August 2019 - not exactly yesterday 😕


Looking through the Help did not help 😢

Contributor II
Contributor II

We have the same issue. We will have to use Qlik Sense Desktop (configured ODBC connector) to reload the data from MongoDB. This seems to work but causes lot of pain. 


still no news, when MongoDB 5.0 will be supported ?

4.2 is from 2019 ....