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Connect Sense to Sharepoint List


I want to connect my sense environment to a SharePoint list. I found several topics on the forum regarding this but I can't get it to work for my link. I have the rest connector installed but I can't find the link I provide which I tried to create with input from the forum. Hope you guys can help me create the correct link.

My url to the list is https://PAGENAME.sharepoint.com/PM%20Recruiting/Lists/Contacten/AllItems.aspx

I think I found the list ID which it looks like i need: 7BB4074C45-2D8DEC-2D4C78-2D830A-2DAAD6D461249A-XX

Any thing else needed? Hope you guys can provide me with the correct URL to connect to

Regards, Paul

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Re: Connect Sense to Sharepoint List

I am able to connect to sharepoint 2013 lists using the REST connector and the following string:

http://yoursite/_api/lists/getbytitle('ShareList Name')/items

Example data

Your site = businessunit.company.com/Recruiting

Your list = Contacts



Once connect, the sharepoint list columns are available in the "properties" table. You have to keep drilling down in the data connection to get to where the properties table appears. Hopefully this helps!

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Re: Connect Sense to Sharepoint List

You can visit the below article

How to Connect QlikSense to a 2013 SharePoint List


Adrian Gates

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