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Considering Drop down lists dynamically joining 2 tables

Dear Team,

I have one table (Table 1) - say "Department Master" - which has department and sub department names listed.

I have another table (Table 2) containing expenses and sub expenses (eg: Staff expenses - Personnel Expense & Training Expense) for each department + sub department combination.

Now I am showing a trendline of all these expenses over a period of the financial year.

I want 2 drop down lists (1 for department and 1 for sub-department). When I select a department, only then respective sub department drop down should get populated with values.

Also the trendline must display for the selected department (sub-department if selected or total of department if not selected).

Right now, when i created 2 drop down/selector in App OverView section. But all sub departments are getting displayed like a simple list. How to conditionally bring it in and how to use the synthetic key (department name) as a parameter for this?

Thanks & Regards,

Abhiram V

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Considering Drop down lists dynamically joining 2 tables

You can try using an expression like aggr([sub-department],[sub-department]) as dimension for the sub-department filter pane. That expression will make sure that only possible values are shown after a selection in the department field is made.

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