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Constraints on column header field names?

Hi. I'm a new QLIK sense user. I have run into a couple problems with field names recently. One problem is in loading data. I think maybe my column headers in my excel sheet are either too long or contain illegal characters. It causes an error and won't load my data. Then I renamed the columns in excel, and it loaded the sheet fine. Are there rules for field name length or allowed characters?

I've also noticed this problem in equations. When I use longer or more complicated field names in an equation, sometimes the equation doesn't work until I rename the fields. Any advice on best field names in QLIK?

Thank you!

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Re: Constraints on column header field names?

You might miss sth while loading..

As such their is no restriction on defining Field name but more ever Field names should be user friendly.

You can see following link:

QlikView Addict: User friendly field names in QlikView

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Re: Constraints on column header field names?

General advice on field names should be they are short clear and unambiguous to the audience of the report.

You can always alias your field names in particular charts using the label section which can be some text or based on an expression.

When loading your data Its useful to identify your key fields ones you use to join data between tables.  I use a % at the front of mine so they all group together in selection lists.

Also I name drill down filters with > at the front and cyclical ones ^ to again group these kinds of fields at the front.  Makes it easier to maintain  and use your model in the long run.

In Sense the layout of your charts tables are controlled by its responsive layout so no ability to wrap text etc... better to keep things short and sweet if possible.

Abbreviate and perhaps put the full name in the footnote section for user reference

Hope this helps.