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Control the data load from another table

Hi there my first every post on Qlik Community so fingers crossed it solves my problem.

I have an app that uses 2 tables one being a QVD file that contains records against a company code 503,506,509,ext the other table is a reference data table the maps Company codes to Business  . There are thousands of company codes and 5 or 6 businesses. I want to control the data load so I can create an App for just one business by filtering the data load to just give me the relevant records for the distinct set of company codes. I don't want to create 1000s of filters. Can I reference the other table in the data load to filter out the data ?

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Creator II
Creator II

Hello @Middleda 

So you need to create several app by business codes and need to filter corresponding company codes.

Look at exists() 

The load algorithm:

Load separate table with company codes for one of businesses and name this fields as CompanyCodesBusiness1

Then make load from facts fable with statement

WHERE Exists(CompanyCodesBusiness1,  CompanyCodes)

Then you can drop table with CompanyCodesBusiness1 and create new one for business 1 and so on.

Specialist III
Specialist III

if you use Inner Join between your tables it should filter out your data