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Controlling the scale of a visualization

I have a bar chart with "Model" as the primary dimension along the x-axis, and "age class" as a secondary dimension. It appears that how many sets of "Models" (each with one or more age class bars) can be shown is fixed and not possible to control. Changing the size of the window does not make a difference. In my graph, I would like to have thinner bars in order to be able to have more "Models" shown at the same time (minimizing scrolling), but I cannot find a way to control this. It seems that there is a maximum of ~49 bars (including 1 "bar-size" empty space between each model). If the bars could be made thinner, showing at least 100 bars would not be a problem.

I also would like to have each model equally spaced; now, if the a certain model does not have a particular value in the "age class", there will be no empty space (as in an Excel graph) and the result will be un-equally spaced "model" data set, which makes graph hard to read. Is there way to change that?