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Contributor III
Contributor III

Controlling variables for buttons in qliksense

In qliksense i have 2 buttons (seperate objects)

on selection of 1st button i want the second object button to be deactivated.

if you ask I could have chosen to add 2 buttons in single extension object but there are further buttons that I am controlling on selection of these so have to take them in separate objects.

Button 1 : variable name : vMeasure_1

Button 2 : variable name : vMeasure_2

for button 1 i m using if(vMeasure_2=0, 1)

and for button 2 using if(vMeasure_1=0, 1)

but it dose'nt work

both appears selected

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Why not use single variable?? and update it to 1 on click of one button and to 0 on click of another?? Butoon 1 will be active when variable is  1 and button2 when 0.


Hi Chitral,

Do want to hide the another button if one selected ?

If i am right I suggest you to use show hide container.

Can you share sample application for further clarification???


Contributor III
Contributor III

yup thanks ,

so this is what i m trying to do .. have added text box fr explanation inside qvf file !

Contributor III
Contributor III

ty Shiva,

I have attache qvf file for the issue