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Convert Json data into Table return from Qlik Mongo DB Web Connector

HI techies,

I am using Qlik Web connector licensed for Mongo DB. I have created a connection with a collection and fetch 4 columns. one column under sub doc has data in array or json format. Json format value is not constant in length or size it could be null or blank as [] also. Look at the below two records, first one has two parts Rohit and Kumar and second record has only Tony.

[{ "name" : "4050 Rohit", "id" : 881 }, { "name" : "4053 Kumar", "id" : 883 }]

[{ "name" : "4050 Tony", "id" : 881 }]

Now I need to convert the array or json data into two columns first will be name and second will be id.

Is there anything I need to set in Qlik Web mongo DB connector from https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/operator/query/ so json data in field will be parsed before loading into Qlik ?

Can you please guide me how to do it ?

Thanks in advance


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