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Contributor III
Contributor III

Convert a set Measurement to a flexible measurement based on months

Dear Community,


I have a (probably) rather strange request to you.


I am using currently the following Measurement to analysis the average "shipments" per month based on NEtwork days.


This Measurement "Ø Shipments per day" works just fine at the moment:

((count({<[Internat. IM]={'True'},[Internat. EX]={'False'}>}[Shipment no]) )
(count({<[Internat. EX]={'True'},[Internat. IM]={'False','True'}>} [Shipment no])))


NetWorkDays (MonthStart(makedate(Year,Month)), MonthEnd(makedate(Year,Month)),'01.01.2019','19.04.2019','22.04.2019','01.05.2019','25.12.2019','26.12.2019', '01.01.2020','10.04.2020','13.04.2020','01.05.2020','25.12.2020','26.12.2020')


and produces the following result in a table:



Now, however, I would like to get a measurement that displays the change per month with the previous month and I tried many different things but struggle to find the correct syntax.


Basically i would like to be able to display something like this but i am not able to make it happen.



Please let me know what i can do and how should the syntax be changed?


Thanks in Advance and best regards




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