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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Correct procedure for developing an app.

I have a Qlik Sense Enterprise installation in the Cloud.
I am starting to develop in Qlik Sense and I have doubts about how to set up the business.
I should develop apps whose data sources are located on the Client's local server.
However, I would like to develop the apps by bringing the data sources to my server.
I was thinking of setting up the work in the following way.
I copy the test data bases to my server where I have installed Qlik Data Transfer. Thanks to QDT, I upload the data to my shared space. Then I develop my apps.
When I have finished development, I publish the app in a managed space that the customer only needs to be able to access in view.
Before doing this, however, I have to install another QDT on the client's server and redo the data connection and disable the previous data connection on my QDT.
Is this a correct way of working, or are there other ways of working?
What I have found seems to me very tortuous and not very linear.
Can you suggest me some other way?
thank you

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi @francofiorillo,

If I understand correctly, this process seems fine.

Is there any particular reason you need to copy the data to your own server or can you setup Qlik Data Transfer directly from the clients server?

Also, the idea of the shared space is for users to collaboratively develop apps. If it is only being developed by a single user, this can be done in the personal space also.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator