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Corrupted Applications

Hi everyone ( mto‌ )

A strange thing is happening with our qlik sense server (November 2017 version):

In fact, some applications have become corrupted (won't be reloaded by tasks !) ; some of them would be reloaded if launched manually, some won't even reload even when launched manually !

Once the task fails, you cannot open the application anymore:! u'll have this message: (file format not handled):


We've repaired the server, upgraded it and nothing has changed ! every application works and reloads just fine in a local environment, once imported; its reload will fail !

What is even more weird is that in the log files, every thing seems ok !! See:


Please help ! all of our projects are affected !!

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Re: Corrupted Applications

Hi Omar

I have seen similar issues when content objects (files, images) and data attachments have been removed from the app.

If you view the app in the QMC and go to App contents, can you verify if there are any objects that are apart of this app - such as external files and images. If so can you verify that those objects exist at the location path?

let me know

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