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Count Distinct


I am looking to see the total values of one column based on the distinct features of another column.

I have a column with 6 different teams which totals to 1.5k. Each of the teams has a range of different addresses in another column so, for example:

Team 1 totals to 600 but has 6 different address' so I would like the total to show as 6 rather than 600 for that particular team

Please could you help with a count distinct formula

Thank you

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Creator III
Creator III

First Column is a dimension - [Team]


2nd column measure = Count(distinct [Address]) ?


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Thank you. I was wanting to do this on a KPI chart so do you know what the best expression would be for this please? Thank you

Creator III
Creator III

wouldn't :

Count(distinct [Address]) in the KPI give you the result you are looking for?


if you want a KPI measure for a specific team you could use;

Count( {<  [Team] = {'TeamName'} >} distinct [Address])