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Contributor III
Contributor III

Count Transactions where two Conditions

I am trying to count the number of transactions where an item was sold from one category AND another category in the same transaction.

Store #   Transaction #     Category A      Category B     Category A & B

1000       1A                             1                         0                                0

1000       2A                             1                         1                                1

1000       3A                             0                         1                                0

1000       4A                            1                          5                               1

1000       6A                            3                          1                                1

Total of Transactions with items sold in Cat A & B =  3

If i go line by line I can get the result.  If i only want to see the total transactions where items in Cat A & B were sold on the same transaction I can't get to (3) in the example above.

Any thoughts were be appreciated.


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Creator II
Creator II

Try this:


Count({<[Category A]={">0"},[Category B]={">0"}>}Transaction)