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Count a number of mins


I have a problem with counting number of min values.

So I have a table with orders in one special status. It is sorted by date (orders without date), and in column "Min step number" i have the min step number of order, which has an employee (Name).

How can i count a total amount of mins in this table? It should be grouped by Name, I think.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Count a number of mins

Is Min Step Number a field or an Measure here? Can you share the expression if it is a measure.

or can you just count distinct name? -> Count(DISTINCT Name)

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Re: Count a number of mins



Re: Count a number of mins

I feel Count(DISTINCT Name) should meet the requirement. But you can try this as well:

Count(Aggr(Min([ZSLM_E021_MNDT.STEP_NO]), Name))

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Re: Count a number of mins

This "count(aggr(min([ZSLM_E021_MNDT.STEP_NO]), [ID],[Name]))" works!


But there is another problem to put it on the chart. I can't understand how to write it in set analysis.

count({<[Date]={'No date'},[Status]={'В согласовании'} >} [Номер изменения]) - what's ok

but where should i put with part with aggr?

Re: Count a number of mins

May be like this:

Count({<[Date]={'No date'},[Status]={'В согласовании'}>} Aggr(Min({<[Date]={'No date'},[Status]={'В согласовании'}>} [ZSLM_E021_MNDT.STEP_NO]), Name))

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